Reflections Front End Web Development – Lessons 3 and 4

After finishing building the article, I opened up my reflections.txt document within the Atom text editor, and jotted down some thoughts.  Those reflections have now evolved into this blog post to capture what I have learned about web development so far. As instructed, I have taken a moment to write down my thoughts about web development and to answer the following questions:

  • What new skills have I learned?
  • What has been easy?
  • What has been difficult?
  • How have I used the problem solving strategies from the first project to overcome challenges so far?

I’ve refreshed and learned many new skills: including creating bullet point lists using html, and embedding images with captions (both employed judiciously throughout this blog post).  I also learned to differentiate between Absolute (including external paths) and Relative paths (which take advantage of the fact when files are in the same directory).  Overall, I found the html lessons and problems to be moderately easy (especially given the many provided online resources), and did not encounter any significant difficulties.

Lesson 3:

I also managed to get my first collection up and running.  Individual links to the html code I generated for the quizzes are listed below:

Or if you prefer, here is a link to the collected Lesson 3 problem set solutions I saved to

In addition, below is the final assignment for Lesson 3.  Incidentally, I embedded this image using the figcaption html tags, together with an anchor element.

Udacity Lesson 3 Mockup to Website
Udacity GWG Lesson 3: Mockup to Website
Link to


Lesson 4:

Finally, I was able to produce the final project and mock up using the skills carried over from Lesson 3 (to complete this project I did find myself frequently referring back to prior solutions in previous lessons).  See below:

Udacity Lesson 4 Project: Mockup to Article
Udacity GWG Lesson 4 Project: Mockup to Article
Link to


Happy Coding and Blogging!



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