Reflections Front End Web Development – Year Zero

badgeOn January 10, 2018 I was surprised to receive an email from the Udacity Scholarship Team notifying me that I was the recipient of one of their  Grow with Google Challenge Scholarships: Front-End Web Developer Track. Soon thereafter I received the second notification, providing the details to get started.

I won’t explicitly state my age, but suffice to say, like the Jimi Hendrix song, hendrixI am experienced.  After logging in and completing the first set of tasks to access the forums and sign up for Slack, I was pleased to see that the community comprised a diverse cross section of friendly coders across different age groups, genders, and other demographics.

I was able to work through the lessons fairly quickly given my IT background (more on that later), and I am now at the final twenty-first lesson Project: Pixel Art Maker.  At this juncture, I decided to step back and review the previous lessons to reinforce what I have learned.

I also want to complete the Github lesson (available for free outside the challenge curriculum) and add to my knowledge using other outside resources (to be detailed later).  In addition, I saw other classmates using to collaborate, and I want to sign up and share too.

Happy Coding!  And look for more posts in the future!



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