Reflections Front End Web Development – Lessons 1 and 2


I’ve learned several new skills across lessons 1 and 2.

Lesson 1:

In Lesson 1 I learned to access the forums and Slack. Initially, I was primarily engaging with the GWG community via Slack, but more recently I started posting in the forums as well.  Within Slack, it was overwhelming at first with close to 10K users spread across about what I figure is 100 channels. Nonetheless I’ve been able to meet a few folks virtually, add to my LinkedIn network, and gain some exposure to other collaborative coding platforms (i.e., Github and CodePen).

Lesson 2:

The second set of lessons on HTML syntax [1] was more of a review for me. However, I did pick up a few new things learning HTML5. Also, they explained the differences and uses of the following tags:


They also provided a useful HTML template.


In addition, I was glad to see that I no longer need to copy in long winded HTML doc declarations like this:


The HTML template, I further learned, can be broken down into 3 parts:

HTML 3 Parts.jpeg

The tree metaphor is one I have come across before (and not just for HTML). Still it was a good refresher on elements, and their component tags and contents.


Also, I installed and started using Atom as my default text editor vs. Sublime Text.



1. I was even able to leverage some of the new learned HTML syntax in this post!  Happy Coding and Blogging!


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  1. Marc Hauschildt says:

    I don’t miss the old HTML doctype declarations either. I have Microsoft VS Code as my default editor.

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